valerie marie arvidson

writer / artist


- "Small Stories of Devotion" reading at Victoria University of Wellington, The Hub, Monday 6 pm, 14 May 2018. Organized by Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association as part of Arts Week 2018. With poets, essayists, and fiction writers.

- "My Mythology" reading at LitCrawl, Sat 11 November 2017,  7.15 pm, Arty Bees Books, Wellington, NZ. “It was a rainy night. It was the myth of a rainy night”— Jack Kerouac, On The Road. "Five writers offer up fragments of their own myth making. Gather around for readings that overlay the universe with fresh openings to new worlds. Featuring Lee Posna, Valerie Arvidson, Emily Perkins, Dan Rabarts, and Lee Murray."

- LitCrawl Pop-Up: "Misreadings" on Thurs 9 November 2017, 6 pm, Jack Ilott Green, Wellington, NZ. "An hour of prose, poetry, and song on the theme of Misreadings interpreted creatively by writers Lena Tichy, Helen Innes, Miles Fuller, Ari Luecker and songwriter Barton McGuire of Heliotropic. Hosted by Valerie Arvidson. Listen to pieces that reveal the slippery nature of language and story, multiple or mis-interpretations, mysteries, and ambiguous moments, events and interactions that leave room for wonder and doubt." 

"Beauty in Broken Things" Reading at Vic Books, Thurs 17 August 2017, 5:30 pm. Kelburn, Wellington, NZ. Prose by PhD students from the International Institute of Modern Letters. With Lena Tichy, Claire Baylis, Helen Innes, and Mikaela Nyman. The concept of beauty in broken things relates to the Japanese ideas of Kintsugi and Wabi-Sabi. Kintsugi is an art tradition of repairing broken pottery with lacquer that actually illuminates the cracks. As Leonard Cohen sang, “There’s a crack in everything/ that’s how the light gets in.”

- Story Cave writing workshop mentor & facilitator, 5 Sept-7 Sept, 2016, Wellington, NZ.  Pop-up workshop for local children aged 8-10, held at the Kahurangi School in Strathmore. Inspired by 826 (US), the Ministry of Stories (UK), and the Sydney Story Factory (AUS). Organized in Wellington by many caring and creative people including Catherine Robertson and Claire Mabey. Supported by Creative New Zealand.

- New Fairy Tales from the North reading and panel at AWP conference, Seattle, WA. Thursday, February 27th, 2014. With Maya Sonenberg, Anca Szilagyi and Rikki Ducornet“It is a northern country; they have cold weather, they have cold hearts.” - Angela Carter, “The Werewolf.” What does it mean to write fairy tales now, in the 21st century? What does it mean to write them here, in the Pacific Northwest? Four northwest writers will read their contemporary tales, influenced by the old tales and by the landscape of their home."

- Castalia Reading Series, Hugo House, Seattle, WA. Tuesday, March 6th, 2012, with fellow writers Cecilia Kiely, Sarah Erickson, Zachary Watterson, Kevin J. Craft, and Richard Kenney. 

Castalia Reading Series, Hugo House, Seattle, WA. Tuesday, January 4th, 2011, with fellow writers Maya Sonenberg, Sierra Nelson, Ben Wirth, and Peter Moench.